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Manoj Sinha
Manoj Sinha Manoj has raised both Equity and Debt capital for Husk Power Systems. Currently, he has helped in raising over $3.5M in equity capital (both dilutive and non-dilutive) and has also got a commitment of $1M in debt capital. Manoj also manages corporate relationship with Fortune 500 companies and in involved with new business development opportunities outside of India.

Over the past 8 years, Manoj has successfully led multi-national teams in semiconductor companies, Intel Corp and Micron Technology, to design and manufacture microprocessors and memory chips (DRAMs).  Manoj spearheaded the design of I/O of “Atom” microprocessor (a processor that powers most netbooks in the world), which generates ~ $1.5 Billion in revenue per year.  While working as senior design engineers at Intel Corp and Micron Technology, Manoj was also granted 7 U.S. patents for creative and new methods for chip design.

Manoj brings a tremendous experience of capital markets since he worked as Investment Banker at UBS in New York City as well as in Corporate Development role at a major financial services company. More recently, as a General Manager of multiple digital products, Manoj led revenue generating initiatives and worked with sales, marketing and product development teams to increase the revenue by 30%.  Additionally, Manoj also actively mentors 6-8 bright social entrepreneurs (from Unreasonable Institute) across multiple continents (North America, Africa and Asia). Manoj is also a 2008 Pop!Tech Fellow and 2009 Global Social Benefit Incubator Fellow.

Manoj earned his B.Tech in Electronics Engineering with honors from Institute of Technology, BHU in 1999 and later an MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering from University of Massachusetts Amherst. Manoj also received an MBA from Darden Graduate School of Business in 2009. He was awarded Genovese Fellowship for his abilities as a high potential General Manager while pursuing his MBA.

When Manoj is not looking for new corporate partnerships, he spends time camping and biking in the mountains. Winter brings joy as Manoj loves downhill skiing (though he is still scared of black slopes). He used to practice Jeet Kun Do, a form of martial arts. Lately, he enjoys guest lecturing in entrepreneurial classes at various business schools in the U.S.

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