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Gyanesh Pandey
Co-Founder, CEO/CTO
Gyanesh Pandey Gyanesh Pandey

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer


Gyanesh imparts vision to the team, sets expectations, manages the company’s performance, relationship with investors and government, and ensures compliance with their regulations and expectations. Gyanesh also leads the technical innovations, research & development and signs a lot of papers for the company.

Prior to getting on the ground to initiate work that finally led to establishment of Husk Power Systems, Gyanesh worked as a Senior Yield Enhancement Engineer in the Power Management Semiconductor industry at the world’s oldest dedicated Semiconductor Manufacturer, International Rectifier. Having worked with some of the oldest machines in the semiconductor industry to produce record yield levels at extremely low-cost across an entire platform of High Voltage ICs, Gyanesh definitely knows a thing or two about reducing the operational expenses and making the maximum off a buck.

An avid teacher, Gyanesh has more than a decade of varied experience teaching students from Junior High School to College. His penchant for tapping the psychology of the listener has proven to be a strong enabler in mobilizing the forces on the ground. Having spent almost three decades frowning on the state-of-affairs in the rural areas, one of which he calls home, Gyanesh, is a mind bubbling with ideas and a spirit full of undying enthusiasm.    

From the serene hills of Uttarakhand to the hot plains of Delhi and Varanasi and finally the cold lands of upstate Newyork, Gyanesh has been a roving student. His Professional degrees include B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from Benaras Hindu University and M.S. in Electric Power and Power Electronics Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He loves to read a broad range of fiction and is also an astute observer and a keen writer with hopes to publish his works someday.


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