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Our Solution
HPS provides end-to-end renewable energy solutions by installing 25-kW to 100-kW ‘mini power plants’ and then wiring villages and hamlets of up to 4000 inhabitants to deliver electricity on a pay-for-use basis.

  •  HPS uses a biomass gasification based proprietary electricity generation process, that generates electricity using 100% producer gas based system (“single fuel mode”).

  • HPS distributes electricity directly to households and small businesses while keeping costs low by running insulated wires along bamboo poles to subscribing households, businesses and farms.

  • HPS Total Landed Cost of Installation < $1,300 per kW *

  • Operational Cost is < $0.15/kWh  

*Landed cost includes Equipment cost, basic construction and cost of wiring a small village - may vary based on country.
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